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The website that brings your ideas to life with the help of women entrepreneurs

DonnaJobs WorkingWomen is the platform dedicated to the work of Italian and British Freelancers, 
where DJFree and DJBuyers can hire and create their own projects alongside each other

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Endless Possibilities

Carry out an infinite number of projects across every sector, making use of the expertise, talent and creativity of countless freelancers

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DJWW provides continuous support every day of the year
Find all the solutions you need for the development and growth of your professionalism

Secure payments

Commission payments are safe and reliable
All profiles on the platform are checked and verified


DJWW supports women entrepreneurship and digital innovation

Holistic Vision

At DJWW, we know work is an important aspect in improving the quality of people's lives
We believe this can be obtained through a less competitive and more collaborative economy


DJWW helps to take off, develop and expand professionalism through the additional DJ Education, DJ Solution and DJ Gold platforms

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What can be achieved

Having a range of freelancers across all fields and sectors to help your project grow, no matter how big or small.

The ability to request personalised quotes from hundreds of Italian and British freelancers in a short space of time, and commission the work of the professional to the standard that best suits your needs.

Having countless internal tools at your disposal - messaging, sending materials such as documents, photos, videos etc. - to communicate with the professional and follow the commissioned work step by step.

Use the available virtual piggy bank to deposit the agreed fee, which will be released once the final product is completed.

Be assured that all transactions are safely recorded and tracked on the platform.

DonnaJobs WorkingWomen

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DonnaJobs: where talent has no boundaries

DonnaJobs aims to make the professional work of women who cannot work, possible. These limitations could be due to, family commitments or other reasons related to their status as women. 

DonnaJobs allows talented female freelancers to connect with people who need a job done in their own specific field of work. 

 DonnaJobs helps women shine in showing off their talents and fill the Gender & Salary Gap

We want to help companies act in favour of Diversity Management & Inclusion by investing in female talents and not seeing diversity as a limitation but as a strength.