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Why choose DonnaJobs?

Need a project to be done?

Whatever your needs, DonnaJobs allows you to make them happen. 
Publish your request and complete it in a simple, fast and secure way. 
DonnaJobs helps you to invest in female talents and to act in favour of Diversity Management & Inclusion.


Are you looking for a job?

Are you a woman that wants to redefine herself and stand out of the crowd? 
Are you a woman who wants to combine the joy of motherhood with work? 
Are you a woman...? 
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DonnaJobs is the first marketplace in the world that is suited to female needs.
DonnaJobs is a Network of Woman Freelancer and a Remote Working Platform.

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DonnaJobs belives in

Change doesn’t happen on its own 
Women drive innovation
Women deserve the best

DonnaJobs: where talents have no barriers

DonnaJobs aims to make the professional work of women who cannot work, possible. These limitations could be due to, family commitments or other reasons related to their status as women. 

DonnaJobs allows talented female freelancers to connect with people who need a job done in their own specific field of work. 

 DonnaJobs has the purpose to help women to shine their talents and to fill the Gender & Salary Gap

We want to help companies act in favour of Diversity Management & Inclusion by investing in female talents and not seeing diversity as a limitation but as a strength.