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All over the world, there are millions of talented women who find difficult to enter, emerge or simply re-enter after maternity leave onto workforce. For companies and others, these women are a considerable source of skills, reliability, workforce, capacity but for them, it is difficult if not impossible to find a job.

DonnaJobs is born to change this situation because change doesn't happen on its own! 

We have chosen the name DonnaJobs, because in Italian Donna means “woman”, but in the Anglo-Saxon world it is a proper name for a person. DonnaJobs indicates an "ordinary woman", perhaps a woman who is also a mother, who has different skills and who wants to work.

DonnaJobs’ platform has the goal of making possible the professional work of women who for family reasons or commitments related to the status of women, have greater difficulty in looking for work and doing it full time.

Moreover, women are rich in talent and often boast more professionalism and passions. With DonnaJobs the freelancer has the opportunity to give ample space to all her skills.

DonnaJobs thus becomes an important tool for women who can perform multiple tasks and work comfortably from home or wherever they prefer.

DonnaJobs is a virtual community of female freelancers, a marketplace that offers to registered users a series of tools and services with which to seek or propose the creation of works of a creative nature.

In this way, freelancers have an important space to introduce themselves and present all their services. Anyone can buy the services offered by the freelancers or can request customized projects to be carried out by women registered on the platform.

DonnaJobs is a virtual community where DJFree (freelancers) and DJBuyer (companies, professionals and individuals who want to realize an idea, a project or other) can meet.

DonnaJobs is different from all other platforms because it intends to promote female employment, supporting women against sexual discrimination, the wage gap and supporting mothers during maternity.

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