How to pay the DJFree

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  1. Log in to your account.
  2. In your dashboard menu click DJProjects >> My DJProjects
  3. In the details of the DJProject click on the "Pay Now" button.

    djproject paynow

  4. Next, you will have to make an ESCROW PAYMENT to the DJFree by transferring from your DJPot the DJBid Amount or at least the First Milestone Amount (see Job Post&Delivery Policy and DonnaJobs Terms&Conditions for further details).

    Note: You are not PAYING for the Job, you are just transferring the Amount into DonnaJobs Secure Escrow System.
    You will RELEASE the FUNDS only if you will be satisfied with her JOB! 

  5. Once the job is done and you are satisfied you will RELEASE the money.
    Pay DJFree


If you take work off DonnaJobs platform you violate DonnaJobs' Terms&Conditions 
DonnaJobs cannot protect you anymore and you will put yourself at risk to be banned.

Please carefully read DonnaJobs' Terms&Conditions

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