DonnaJobs Network

Work and life are two words that cannot be separated from each other
Quality in work means quality of life

The DonnaJobs Network is committed to promoting a lifestyle that can guarantee work, training and earnings for everyone on a constant and continuous basis is a digital agora that allows

individuals and companies to carry out groundbreaking projects and brilliant ideas

women to reconcile their working career with family commitments, and to better express their personality along with the countless talents they are endowed with

everyone to train, work and earn, when and where they want is a NETWORK
consisting of FOUR PLATFORMS

DonnaJobs WorkingWomen

DonnaJobs WorkingWomen is the platform dedicated to female entrepreneurship

DJBUYER: Anyone can carry out a project or give life to brilliant ideas in any business sector using the competence and creativity of Italian and British freelancers

DJFREE: The freelancers have an online showcase available to best present their services and their professionalism

DonnaJobs Education

DonnaJobs Education is the platform dedicated to E-Learning and Distance Education

DJSTUDENT: Anyone can buy courses of all levels and in all subjects and sectors, offered by the Italian and British teachers present on the platform

DJTEACHER: Teachers have an online bulletin board available to offer countless courses and teach in an innovative and fun way

DonnaJobs Solution

DonnaJobs Solution is the platform that finds solutions to any problems the professionals and teachers on the DJWW and DJEducation platforms might have. It supports those who want to start a career, enhance their skills or those who want to change their profession

DJSOLUTION: Services that guarantee solutions for a successful career

DJMENTOR: Professionals who allow you to make the most of the DJWW and DJEDU platforms in order to give you more visibility

DJADVISOR: A network of consultants specialised across all work areas such as lawyers, accountants, occupational psychologists and motivational coaches

DonnaJobs Gold

DonnaJobs Gold is the platform designed to generate and increase training, work and income both for those who use the platform and for all those who want to promote it

DJAMBASSADOR: through the affiliate program, you can promote the DonnaJobs philosophy and its services, while also increasing your own earnings

DJINFLUENCER: through the activity program, has created new professionals to develop jobs and earnings for everyone

The DonnaJobs Network platform
is a real work tool

The DonnaJobs Network platform is really easy to use, but it requires seriousness, professionalism, good digital knowledge and a good entrepreneurial approach. In this way, the DonnaJobs Network makes it possible to develop and grow one’s work and professionalism.

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DonnaJobs WorkingWomen

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DonnaJobs Solution

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