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Make money every month with each new sign up and purchase of services, courses and solutions from your social media and contacts.

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Frequent Questions

What is DonnaJobs Gold?

DonnaJobs GOLD is a platform on the DonnaJobs Network that allows you to earn money through all the economic activities the platform has to offer.

How does it work?

When someone clicks on your promotional URL, a cookie that lasts 30 days is set in their browser. This will allow us to track all your referral activity. As an affiliate, you'll have access to a dashboard with all your referral activity displayed in real time. The more traffic you send us, the greater your chances of earning more.

How much will I earn?

If the user you referred makes a first-time purchase of DJService, DJBid, DJCourse or DJSolution during the 30-day period, you will receive a 2.5% commission on the total sale. If it's a recurring purchase, you will receive a 2.5% commission on each purchase they make. If they register for DonnaJobs Network as DJFree or DJTeacher you will receive a 2.5% commission on every DJService/DJCourse sale they will make.


You can earn money by sharing any content DonnaJobs publishes, such as DJService, DJProject, DJCourse, DonnaJobs subscriptions, blogs or news that might be of interest to your followers. You will have full control over promoting content whenever and wherever you choose. For example, in a blog article, a YouTube video, Facebook or Instagram posts, LinkedIn or Twitter posts, emails, etc. You decide how to best communicate with your audience.

How will you get paid?

Every 3 months, we will calculate the sales and sign-ups that have been made through your affiliate URL, and you will then be paid via a wire transfer.

How can you sign up?

Click on the button below and fill out the Affiliate Program registration form. We will review your profile and get in touch with you.

More questions?

Send us an email at affiliates [AT] donnajobs [DOT] com

DonnaJobs Gold

Why Choose DonnaJobs Gold

Earn money by supporting work

By joining DJ Gold you can increase your income every time a freelance works and earns on the platform

New professional figures

DonnaJobs Gold has created new professional figures.
By becoming a DJAmbassador, DJInfluencer and DJMentor
you can see your professionalism and earnings grow


DonnaJobs is a real Community.
Behind the platform there are many people with creativity and talent. For DonnaJobs, digital is the medium.
The person is the most precious resource


DJWW supports women entrepreneurship and digital innovation

Holistic Vision

At DJWW, we know work is an important aspect in improving the quality of people's lives
We believe this can be obtained through a less competitive and more collaborative economy


DJWW helps to take off, develop and expand professionalism through the additional DJ WorkingWomen and DJ Solution

What our DJAmbassador & DJInfluencer think of DonnaJobs Gold