In these webinars, prominent personalities from the world of work, economics, finance, and training, but not only will be invited, who will talk to us about the complexity of the transformation we are currently experiencing that requires unhinging old paradigms and introducing new and new tools. solutions to trigger a positive push for change.

DonnaJobs MasterClass are real training courses to be used in live streaming in multiple sectors, with particular attention to the entrepreneurial and training growth of women, to an awakening of conscience and awareness, and to an economy of sharing.

In each webinar, one or more professionals present on board the platform will be invited, a DJFree, a DJTeacher or even a DJAdvisor or a DJInfluencer, who will give very useful and valuable advice based on their type of profession and will explain their services in detail. or courses.

We will talk about what you can do with and on the DonnaJobs platform: how the different sections work, how you can access it, how you can create customized showcases to work, how to sell your services and courses and so on.