Do you know what holistic marketing is? And what it does?
Do you know what holistic marketing is? And what it does?
Arianna Maccaferri

Do you know what holistic marketing is? And what it does?

To understand #holisticmarketing we should start with a definition of #marketing first, which has been used in the everyday language for some years now.

The English word marketing is used internationally. Deriving, obviously, from the word market it involves a process that takes into account the short, medium and long term objectives of a company and after a careful and thorough analysis of supply and demand on the one hand and of competitors on the other, identifies the needs of both existing and potential customers and implements appropriate actions to meet these needs, making the maximum possible profit in financial terms.

Four key factors for a perfect marketing strategy are also known as the 4Ps of marketing.

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Let's see what they are:

  • PRODUCT – the product or the service offered. In marketing, we carry out a detailed analysis of the product /service and identify the advantages that the product /service provides to buyers and what distinguishes it from competitors
  • PRICE – fundamental affects customer expectations and must be defined by finding the right balance between production, distribution and communication costs, market moods and competitors' proposals
  • PLACE – the most suitable place to sell the product and its distribution channels, currently spread across physical and online spheres
  • PROMOTION – fundamental to a distinctive element of marketing, it identifies winning strategies to communicate and advertise the product/service

Marketing, therefore, can be seen a managerial process of production, promotion, distribution and pricing of goods, services or ideas, with the ultimate goal of making a financial profit.

Holistic Marketing, on the other hand, is based on a quite different vision. While in traditional marketing the key object is the goods or service that you offer with the aim of achieving a profit, in holistic marketing the focus is shifted to the person. Therefore, it is the person in their entirety - hence the word holistic - who is considered, with their characteristics, their inner aspects, their needs, their passions, their values, and their desires, based not only on disposable consumerism, but also desires - for a better future, a healthier lifestyle, greater attention to the environment etc.

Therefore, the product is put to the service of individuals or the whole community and the customer is no longer considered passive but an active and integral part of an economy that aims not only for profit as the ultimate goal, but the value that this profit generates in terms of well-being, prosperity and ethics.

We will delve into this topic again, as it is particularly close to our hearts, in future blogs.

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