Palming for those who work on the computer
Palming for those who work on the computer
Arianna Maccaferri

One of the downsides of prolonged computer screen use in #workingfrom home is straining our #eyes.

Here is a new technique which is easy to do but very effective to rest your eyes: PALMING.

#palming is a technique borrowed from yoga.

It is an exercise that only takes a few minutes but if practised regularly it helps relieve eye fatigue and leaves your eyes feeling fresh and restored.

You can use this technique and repeat the exercise several times a day whenever you feel the need.


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Move slightly away from your computer screen while staying at your desk.

Put your feet firmly on the ground and try to feel all the weight being pushed down.

Lay your elbows on your desk and cover your eyes completely by cupping them with your hands while your fingers cross and rest on your forehead.

Close your eyes and take some nice deep breaths.

Notice your chest muscles as you breathe, feel your diaphragm raising and lowering itself at every inhalation and exhalation. Feel how the air enters and comes out of the nose, as your breathing becomes calmer and the neck and shoulder muscles release tension.

Clear your mind. If you have other thoughts distracting you, try and observe them passing by as you would watch clouds pass by in the sky and turn your attention back to your breathing and feel it help you relax.

Gradually, the colours that you see even with your eyes closed will disappear and the black will become darker and darker. Focus on it.

This exercise should take 5 to 10 minutes or until you feel a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Once the exercise is over, gently remove your hands from your eyes and leave your eyes closed for another few seconds. Then blink quickly a few times and open your eyes.

You will immediately notice some benefits and your sight will also have improved. If you continue to work at your #pc, remember to blink often as this helps keep your eyes moist, avoiding that unpleasant feeling of dry, itchy eyes.

This technique really only takes a few minutes of your time but it helps protect your eyes from prolonged screen use. For a longer and even more relaxing break, you can try the same exercise while lying on the sofa or bed.

Palming is one of the basic exercises of the Bates Method, which we recommend as it really brings unexpectedly good benefits to your eyes.

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