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To believe in yourself!

It sounds so easy to say, but it's one of the hardest things to do.

For a woman it is even more so ...

There are so many courses, books, videos that talk about how to achieve that special skill of believing in yourself. Often with little success ...

Even from a young age school, society and the world that surrounds us do not help us in expressing who we really are but push us to conform to others as much as possible. They tell us what we should learn, how to express ourselves appropriately, the right clothing to wear and even what job we should do to earn the most money. the whole article...👇

Conversely, for at least 30 years now - since the soul of commerce was baptized and advertising came to dominate our landscape - marketing has portrayed dazzling smiles, perfect bodies, happiness and easy solutions to difficult problems. They seem to be the perfect people to imitate in order to truly believe in yourself. And yet, it is not exactly like that.

With these assumptions it is difficult to believe in yourself. Women, even in so-called developed societies, have difficulties in entering the professional world. They are often penalized for choosing motherhood and this juggling of home and work lives significantly lowers self-esteem over time.

Believing in yourself does not mean expressing your ego, much less thinking you are better than others. Instead it means knowing that you have your own abilities that allow you to express yourself in the best possible way. It means knowing that you are unique, with faults to improve on and qualities to bring out, and it means being special because there is no one like you. And this is not because we are better or worse. But simply because this is us. is a platform created with the intention of helping all those people who believe in themselves. First of all, women who always have a thousand talents to express and an infinite amount of hidden resourcefulness. The platform was created with the intention of giving them a fully customized virtual space to best showcase the work they are able to offer.

There are many women who want to do this but have great difficulty in making it happen. And when we asked them why, we realized that the main problem is that many of them do not fully believe in themselves. They have a hard time showing themselves as they are. And so this is also one of the objectives that intends to achieve. is not just any site. It is a site that has a beating heart. And it is that of women. wants to support women to believe more in themselves. Believe in their skills. Believe in their abilities and know that they have a very special and personal approach to doing a job in the best possible way.

To help you in this the team is at your complete disposal to help you create your best DonnaJobs’ profile.

Believe in yourself! There are those who believe in you!!

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