Autumn Equinox
The autumn equinox and work activity
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Since the beginning of the time, the evolution of humanity and every step of the life process were closely linked to the course of the year.


On the 22nd of September, we witness the transition from summer to autumn and we celebrate the #autumnequinox, where the duration of the day is almost equal to that of the night.


Along the zodiacal belt, the Sun enters the sign of Libra, thus starting a new cycle.


The leaves from that bright green of summer begin to turn yellow until they detach from the trees and fall at their feet. Fruits also detach and leave their wrappers. And the seeds are selected to be consumed or stored. Later they will be planted again in the earth to give new fruits and perpetuate the cycle of life which in this way is renewed. (Read the full article ....)


Nature has its own superior intelligence and leaves nothing to chance. For healthy life in greater balance and in harmony with nature, we should respect the biological rhythms both in the #life and in our #working activity.


This is the right time to do like the earth. Separate everything we don't need from what we need. Separation is a law of life and we should learn to select, discern, separate what is useful for us and for other beings from what is not, what is harmful from what is healthy. To begin a new cycle.


Even on #work we should learn to be close to the rhythms of nature. This is really a great time for introspection, to look inside. Not surprisingly, this period can be used to make more in-depth reflections on one's working life.


What hasn't been useful to me in the last period? What needs modification and changes? What, on the other hand, do I need to keep and re-sow later so that it can bear new beautiful fruit?


It's time to do it!


It's time to look inside and get in touch with the truest and deepest part of ourselves, having the courage to let go what is no longer important for our #futurecareer and carefully preserve what it is, so it can over time regenerate and renew itself if properly re-seed.


So we wish you a good #autumn #equinox.


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