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6 simple ideas to contribute to the family budget"I need money, now!", This is the most common phrase we keep saying. It's like a mantra that echoes in our mind without ever stopping and sometimes for us women to contribute to the family budget can be very difficult especially if we have small children to care for. We all know that the family comes first!

One great solution to this dilemma is DonnaJobs and the possibility that the platform gives to all of us women to work from home with flexible jobs.

If I am the owner of my work, if I am the owner of my time, then I can finally stop having to choose between family and career, I can have them both. Why should I choose?

At this point another question arises: "how do you undertake this activity?", but above all "what jobs can I do from home?"

In this article, I present a list of ideas that can be implemented using the DonnaJobs platform and creating your own DJService.






1. Virtual Assistant

Administrative work is one of those jobs that can be easily done from home and is very suitable for women and mothers who have very little time available. It is an administrative job and in practice you become a Virtual Assistant offering companies and entrepreneurs a valuable help in administrative matters.

DJService Example

DJService title: 1 hour of Admin Support

Skills: Excel, Power Point, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Virtual Assistant

Description: do you have an activity and you need help? I am an efficient worker capable of delivering excellent jobs. Below a list of service that I can provide to you:

  • Text typing
  • Excel
  • Word
  • Power point
  • Data entry
  • Search
  • Email Management

Price: 15 Pound (1 hour)

Delivery: 2 days


  • 1 extra hour assistance for +10 pounds
  • Fast delivery 1 day for + 10 pounds

2. Closed Captioner

The subtitle writer, as the word itself, says, adds captions and subtitles to pre-recorded or live video. To be able to do this job you must be a fast typewriter, about 200 wpm. If you have shorthand experience, or you are a keyboard guru, you might be interested in exploring this snappy activity!

DJService Example

Title: Closed Caption and Subtitles for your video

Skills: Video Conversation, Video Edition, Video Production, Video Maker.

Description: I write subtitles, transcripts and captions for 5 minutes of video. I release a .srt file and a .doc file or upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook.

price: 10 pounds (5 minutes video)

Delivery: 2 days


  • 10 minutes video for +10 pounds
  • Fast Delivery 1 day for + 10 pounds

3. Image Editing

Are you good at using Photoshop or any other Image Editing software? Very well, then here is an example of what you could offer.

DJService Example

Title: Editing of 1 image

Skills: Graphic Design, Image editing, Photoshop.

Description: Hello, thanks for choosing my DJService, the following features are available with this service:

  • Colour correction, contrast and brightness
  • Skin smoothing
  • Removal of scars and imperfections, skin treatment
  • Improvement of the body, face and forms
  • Weight Loss
  • Teeth and eye whitening
  • Makeup correction
  • Skin tone correction
  • Improvement of the image in general
  • Improvement of lighting
  • Resizing and cropping
  • Removal of small and unwanted items

Price: 10 pounds

Delivery: 2 days


  • Add 1 image for +8 pounds
  • Fast Delivery 1 day for + 10 pounds

4. Proofreading

Do you have a great eye for detail.? Here is another great part-time job.

There are so many online contents nowadays that the proof-reader is a super-researched and very useful professionality. The Proof-reader is not the one who writes the texts, it is the one who corrects them, who searches for any grammatical and / or spelling mistakes.

DJService Example

Title: Proofread 500 words for grammar & spelling

Skills: Proofread, Academic Writer

Description: I correct up to a maximum of 500 words and check spelling, grammar, punctuation for your text to be perfect!

To make your work easier, I provide you with a Word document with my suggestions placed in the margin of the text (I use the "Add Comment" tool of MS Word).

Price: 15 pounds

Delivery: 2 days


  • Up to 800 words for + 10 pounds
  • Fast Delivery 1 day for + 10 pounds

5. Social Media Manager

Are Social Media Your Bread and Butter? Hit the ground running, all companies have understood that being present on Social Media is a fundamental requirement if not necessary, but not all companies have resources available to be able to devote exclusively to this activity!

DJService Example

Title: I will manage your profile on all Social Media for a month

Skills: Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketing, Virtual Assistant

Description: For a month I will manage your profile on all Social Media, my DJService includes:

  • Manage all your Social Media pages for a month including posting new posts and increasing visits.
  • Create other accounts to increase your visibility.
  • Increase interaction on your pages by creating comments and links to pages, groups and communities.

Price: 200 pounds

Delivery: 30 days


6. Website Testing

Do not know HTML? Do not worry, you do not need it to sell this service. The "Website Testing" DJService requires that you browse your client's website and create a relationship based on your experience. You will need to describe the weaknesses and strengths of the tested site and possibly suggest changes and improvements.

DJService Example

Title: Test your website on all major browsers and devices.

Skills: Website Testing, Web Developer, Web Designer

Description: I will test your website for 3 hours, focusing on functionality, layout, style and possible spelling/grammar errors on the following devices:

  • iPhone 4S and 5S
  • Android Phone
  • iPad Air
  • Android Tablet
  • iMac (Safari, Google Chrome)
  • PC (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

I will provide you with a document that will report any errors and suggestions to improve your website.

Price: 150 euro

Delivery: 2 days


  • Usability and Accessibility test for +50 pounds
  • Fast Delivery 1 day + 50 pounds



I presented here 6 simple activities that you can undertake using DonnaJobs, but these are just an example, as well as the prices shown, there can be an endless possibility.

Let’s your profile and your DJService take off!!!

Do you have any ideas that I have not exposed here? Send me an email and I will publish them because many hands make light work and together we are unbeatable!

DJBI'm DonnaJobs!

You are DonnaJobs!