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Work From Home Day

What is Global Work From Home Day?
Global Work From Home Day is a virtual event happening on the 10th of April which promotes flexible work and the freedom to create a working environment of your choice.

DonnaJobs has adhered to this initiative and invites all users of the Platform to join the event and the celebration of the Global Work From Home Day.

Follow the official hashtag #WorkFromHomeDay on 10th of April to take part in discussions and see the pictures shared by other remote workers! 

How to sign up?

If you are not a remote-only employee, you have to first check whether it’s ok for you to work outside the office on that day. If you are all set, to officially participate in the event, individual registration is required. 






Work From Home Day DonnaJobsResources

By officially registering, you are making sure you will be counted as a participant and you’ll get a set of helpful resources that will be sent out to your email prior to the event.

  • eBook about key aspects of successful work from home, such as designing a home workspace, staying productive, and creating a healthy life balance created together with +50 Partners of the event. 

  • DonnaJobs is one of the event sponsors (;

  • Spotify playlists with carefully selected tracks for when you need to focus, get creative, or are ready to take a break.


Contest for the best photo
On the day of the event, take part in a social media contest for the best photo of your home office. Here is how to participate:

1.  Post a new photo on Instagram showing how you work from home - it can be your work view, your working space or your favorite perk of working remotely. Your pick!

2.  Use the hashtag #WorkFromHomeDay and make sure you set your profile on the public.

3.  Tag DonnaJobs (@donnajobsltd) on the photo and Remote-how (@remote_how).

🏆⭐ By entering the contest you’ll take a chance on winning a prize such as Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones or Rain Design mStand360 Laptop Stand. ⭐🏆

Terms&Condisions of the competition can be found here:







Work From Home DayWork From Home Day